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Testings are an important part of every martial art, and Kuk Sool Won is no different! It's important that students show not only their knowledge of the martial art, but also their martial spirit!

This means students show they really want to earn their next belt. They take time out of their weekend, show up on time, work as hard as they can for the entire length of the testing. For very important tests in your Black Belt, you may even have to travel elsewhere to show the WKSA itself how much you want it! You'll be tested even harder by Masters you don't know, but you fight through it to show you're earning your achievement!

Always remember for every test: I'm going to do my best and show everyone that I deserve my rank!

 Testing Schedule 2024  

Testing dates are on Sundays and begin at 9am unless otherwise noted in class! Dates for 2024 are as follows:

  • May 26

  • TBA

 Testing Requirements  

What you need to know for your testing will vary on what belt you're at and how old you are. For general information, you can view the official testing requirements on the WKSA website.

If you have any questions, ask an instructor in class to clarify!

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