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Kuk Sool Won is a comprehensive Martial Art system - but what does that mean exactly?

Most martial arts, such as karate, tae kwon do, and kung fu, will focus on certain aspects of martial arts. Karate is known as a "hard" style that focuses on striking. Tae Kwon Do is renowned for its kicks. In Kuk Sool Won, you will learn all of these, becoming a more well-rounded martial artist.


Kung Fu has many different styles, but many are more "soft" style of using your opponent's movements against them. Kuk Sool Won is a "hard-soft" style. You will learn when to use force in your strikes or when to use your opponent's energy to redirect them.

Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts Logo
Grandmaster of Kuk Sool Won, Kuk Sa Nim

Kuk Sool Won combines all of these into one comprehensive system! The Grandmaster, Kuk Sa Nim, traveled around Korea and learned many different styles under many different masters. When you join Kuk Sool Won, you will learn:

  • Punching and kicking

  • Traditional Martial Art Forms

  • Meditation

  • Techniques, such as joint locks, pressure points, and hip throws

  • Weapons, such as staff, sword, and spear

Of course, Martial Arts have much more depth to them than striking and throwing around people! Kuk Sool Won is a traditional Martial Art.


Traditional Martial Arts forms were often used by Buddhist Monks as an exercise. Similar to Yoga, you can increase your balance, strength, and flexibility through practicing forms.


A form is a sequence of movements you learn that utilize your whole body. These motions have been studied by Martial Artists over thousands of years to determine how to practice properly without injuring yourself.

If you're looking for fun exercise that's more engaging than the gym or jogging,

Kuk Sool Won will have you in better shape in no time!

Kuk Sool Won Victoria - 2017 Martial Arts Seminar

Kuk Sool Won Victoria is lucky enough to have an 8th Degree Master,

Suhn Im Kwang Jah Nim McCondach

KJN McCondach has been practicing Kuk Sool Won for over 40 years now. KJN McCondach has an amazing wealth of knowledge that he passes onto his students. Originally from England, he is one of the highest ranking masters in the world.

KJN McCondach genuinely loves to teach Kuk Sool Won, which is why he refuses to charge more for his classes.

Alongside him, you will also be learning from our three other instructors.

Kuk Sool Won Victoria Master, Kwang Jah Nim McCondach
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