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Do I need any previous experience?


Not at all! All you need to start out is a good attitude and an open mind! At the same time, prior experience is not a bad thing, either. That said, be prepared to change certain habits!

What should I wear for class?


There are uniforms, but when you're first starting, just some comfortable exercise clothes work great! Just remember to bring water!


Are there drop-in classes?


We handle drop-in classes on a case-by-case basis. To progress, most people find they have to attend regularly. That said, there is some flexibility in terms of switching between Tuesdays and Fridays between weeks!


I have an injury/disability. Can I still join?


Of course! We will work with you to get as much benefit out of Kuk Sool as you can. However, Kuk Sool Won is not meant to be therapeutic or to replace treatment, so if your issue is severe, please consult your doctor first!

Are your teachers qualified?

Kuk Sool Won has an overarching Association governing it, the World Kuk Sool Association (WKSA). All of our instructors are full members in good standing. Beyond this, they also attend a yearly seminar taught by SSKJN Sung Jin Suh, the Grandmaster's son.


Why is the price so low?


KJN McCondach loves to teach Kuk Sool Won! He is not in it for the money, but rather just loves to spread the Art. On top of this, because we run through the Saanich Recreation Centre, we can keep our costs even lower!


Can parents watch?


The technical answer is yes, although it is sometimes beneficial for the child to have the parent leave if the child is too distracted by their presence. This is entirely up to the parents to decide, however!

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