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Learning a Martial Art isn't just being taught from a Master; you must also learn from other students, as well as from your own insights! This is what will separate and enhance your training compared to others!

Kuk Sool Won Victoria's experienced instructors will help you along your way to becoming the best version of yourself. No matter your background, physique, or age, we will be there to support you in reaching your goals and then pushing beyond them!

Kuk Sool Won Senior Instructor, Sa Beom Nim Ryan McCondach

Pyung Kwahn Jahng Nim Ryan McCondach

Senior Instructor


KJN Ryan has been training under KJN McCondach since he was a child. KJN has more than 24 years of training now and has won many medals in international tournaments.

Kuk Sool Won Victoria Instructor, Pu Sa Beom Nim Brian Goodridge

Sa Beom Nim Brian Goodridge


SBN Brian has been training for over 22 years. SBN is methodical and extremely technical in his practice, ensuring every move is accurate. SBN is also one of KJN McCondach's first students, and has trained very closely alongside him.

Kuk Sool Won Victoria Instructor, Pu Sa Beom Nim David Ham

Sa Beom Nim David Ham


SBN David has over 20 years of training behind him. SBN challenges himself through breakfalls, acrobatics, and speed. SBN proves that technique is stronger than brute strength!

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