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KUK SOOL WON MARTIAL ARTS VICTORIA has been owned and operated by our own Eighth Degree Master McCondach for over 25 years now. Under his instruction, he now has a team of three Senior Black Belts to act as instructors alongside him. You won't find a better quality Martial Art in Victoria, and you definitely can't beat our price!

So look around the site and head over to the Class Schedule page to learn how to set up your Free Trial class!


  Extra mini-course end of May  

The regular course was shortened by 2 weeks before Gordon Head Rec Centre's summer shutdown in mid-June. There is now mini courses to cover this time:

Tuesday: 119213 (June 4 - June 11)

Friday: 119214 (May 31 - June 14)

Friday Kids: 119212 (May 31 - June 14)

  Is Kuk Sool Won right for me? 

Trying to figure out if Kuk Sool is right for you or your child?


What we look for in students isn't physical ability, it's Martial Spirit. This isn't the loudest person, the tough-as-nails person with an indomitable will, the fastest, or the strongest.


Martial Spirit is the people who are driven to be better versions of themselves. The ones who are listening to the instructors intently, trying to soak up every detail they can, then doing their absolute best.


It doesn't matter if you can't kick high, or if you run out of breath sooner than anyone else.


What matters is that despite that, you keep trying.

  Serious Work, Serious Fun  



Kuk Sool Won is a traditional martial art. As you progress, you will become more fit, flexible, strong, and balanced.


Kuk Sool Won can be practiced at any age!



Kuk Sool Won Victoria runs through the Gordon Head Recreation Centre, so we're able to keep our fees much lower than other martial arts around Victoria!



Like any martial art, you get out what you put in!


Where Kuk Sool Won differs from other martial arts is that it is a comprehensive martial art system. This means you won't just focus on punching or kicking, but everything! If you are looking to challenge yourself, you won't find better in Victoria!



Many Martial Arts Schools will have just one instructor. Our school not only is run by a 7th Degree Master, but also has a 4th and two 3rd Degree Black Belts as well! Combined, these four have over 80 years of experience!

These four have helped train many Gold medalist competitors!



Kuk Sool Won Victoria also offers martial arts training for children starting as young as 5 years old!

Here, kids will learn coordination, cooperation, and respect alongside their peers!

Unleash your inner potential!



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